Welkom in Colorado!

Dear visitor from the Netherlands or Belgium,

Back in 1996 I moved to Colorado from my native country, The Netherlands and I could not be happier. Although I sometimes do miss my native country, my friends and family in the Netherlands, not to speak of the typical Dutch food stuff (bitterballen, hollandse nieuwe, "de chinees" etc), I feel right at home here in Colorado!

Colorado is in almost everything imaginable the opposite of what we are used to in the Netherlands and Belgium; lots of space, stunning natural beauty, the great outdoors always at our doorstep, and world class skiing and boarding at only a short distance from the Front Range where most people live and work. Additionally, we enjoy just about the perfect climate here with lots of sun and often balmy days even in the dead of winter (in contrary of what some will want you to believe, Colorado is certainly NOT the ice box of the nation).

There are also quite a few things that are similar here in Colorado to what you are used to in the Netherlands and Belgium, such as a strong economy with excellent employment opportunities, friendly people, not to speak of unbelievable recreational possibilities and convenient connections to and from the rest of the world. 

Most of the good foods you are used to in the Netherlands and Belgium are readily available here (although it must be admitted that getting them sometimes requires planning in advance and some driving).  

It is really no surprise that most transplants from the low countries do not have any problem at all adapting to living here in beautiful Colorado!

Ever since moving here I have been active and successful as a residential real estate broker and I am also highly dedicated to our local Dutch and Flemish community. 

Our local Dutch and Flemish community currently consists of approximately 2,500 - 3,000 people and many of us gather together on a regular basis for Happy hour (borrel), to play a game of soccer etc. 

Additionally, typical Dutch events like St Nicholas, Kings Day, Euro & Word Cup Soccer events are enthusiastically celebrated and well attended by our local Flemish and Dutchies! We may have left the old world, but we are still committed to our "gezelligheid" together!

We have an informal Dutch social group, an official Dutch club, a first class Dutch elementary school and a superb Dutch store here! Please check the links for more information.

The fact that you have visited this website may be just out of curiosity or perhaps because you are considering the exciting and courageous decision of moving to Colorado, either permanently or temporary.

Should a move to Colorado be in your planning then I would welcome the opportunity of helping you you and your family find and lease or purchase a home here in the area suiting your and your family's needs.

I can introduce you to individuals, our local Dutch and Flemish community, clubs etc, and I can take you on a complimentary tour of the area. My Dutch is fluent and I will gladly help smoothen your transition by providing you with useful information and assistance with anything else you might need. 

During my 20+ years residence here I have enjoyed the pleasure of helping many Dutch and Flemish families and businesses with their transition to and from Colorado.

I have close associations with carefully screened mortgage lenders, landlords and other related service providers who will have to subscribe to my strict requirements regarding the quality of their services the provide to my clients. Additionally, these service providers will have to be familiar with the specific challenges and technicalities that come with international relocation. This will help you to avoid unwelcome and possibly costly surprises down the road!

Please let me know how I can help by filling out the attached online form or by calling me or by sending me a text message (SMS) to 00-1-303-818-1689 (time difference -/- 8 hours). I'll be happy to answer any questions you might have relating to your anticipated move to the USA and Colorado. There is never any obligation!

I am committed to help making your transition as easy and stress free as possible!

I do of course speak fluent Dutch and English and we can converse in either language. Whichever you prefer.

Hopefully we'll meet soon here in Colorado!

Best regards,

Rene Vellinga

Board Member Netherlands American Society of the Rockies, Organizer local Dutch MeetUp Group Biertje (www.meetup.com/biertje)






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